These are some excerpts from my sketchbooks for a personal project. I am planning for it to be something like a world-almanach or travel-book, detailing the life on a space colony.

The planet on which the colony was founded initially did not support life outside artificial enclosed habitats. Experts on terraforming had to be brought in from the home planet. When the athmosphere was stabilised, the colony began to prosper.

Just when the first migrant fleets started pouring in to populate this new frontier, a brutal conflict on the homeplanet started to swell up.

Terraforming processes were abandonded midway as the experts and most of the administration took all spacecraft and as much of the higher tech as they could hastily grab, venturing back towards the homesystem.

Now stranded in a colony city, lacking most of the developed comforts advanced spacefaring civilization would usually offer, being surrounded on all sides by half terraformed tundra and ice-wastes, facing the inevitable civil strife and faction conflict, the people of this new world are faced with hardship.

This setting is what I am trying to convey in Illustrations like this and this one